Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Camping Day

For our camping day, our room was transformed! Students brought sleeping bags, lanterns or flashlights, and sported their finest pajamas. We had a campfire set up on the rug, stars flickering on the whiteboard, and a tent set up in our classroom library. With the blinds closed and the lights off, you could have fooled me that we weren't outside (besides the lack of mosquitoes!).

First, we wrote spooky stories and read them to each other around the campfire. We also played math card games in our tents, like a math version of the game "spoons" and another game involving "s'mores".

Throughout the day we enjoyed many different activities, but one of the simplest and one of the favorites was simply relaxing on our campsite, with a good book in a hand, and a flashlight in the other.

We finished our day by "roasting" marshmallows (fluff) and making s'mores and enjoying another treat made by a student. We certainly didn't go hungry on camping day!

I'm looking forward to more days where we can transform our classroom and take learning on a field trip right inside our own room!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome Back!

You've seen the warning signs it's coming. Between the aisles at Target being filled with glue sticks and sparkly notebooks, and the flyers in the newspaper advertising a deal on Crayola markers, it's time to come to terms with the idea that summer is closing and SCHOOL IS STARTING!

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to be back! Even more so, I'm looking forward to meeting my new students!

Speaking of which, I would love to meet you and your child at Open House on Monday, August 28th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Then, one more day of anticipation, until the first day of school on Wednesday, August 30th. School begins at 8:15, but children may be dropped off for morning recess at 8:00 am.

Get ready for a great year in fourth grade!

Mrs. Schaeffer

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Day Letter to Parents

Dear parents,

All school year, you've trusted me with your children. Because I know it can't be easy, to let go, and watch them grow older and older, I never took this responsibility lightly. I want you to know I took you all into consideration for my every move. I imagined your child as mine, and thought to myself, if this was my baby, what would I want his/her teacher to be like or to do in this very moment. That's why I end up referring to my class as "my kids". Because although they're always going to be your baby first and foremost, when they step into my classroom on that first day, they immediately hold a forever spot as, "one of my kids".

I care so much about each and every one of your children and know they were placed in my classroom for a specific reason. I haven't just taught them, but they've taught me each and every day, probably more than we both recognize. I've tried to continue what you do everyday at home, and not only model to them math and reading, but how to be a good person in this world. But again they ended up teaching me time and time again, because you've already inspired them to be children with hearts full of gold and wonderful intention. They really are amazing. You have the world to be proud of.

We've had a lot of special moments this year that made it as memorable as it is. Thanks for your support in all of these experiences. I really appreciate all that you've done to make this year incredible. I couldn't do it without your constant support! Enjoy your summer. I can't wait to see how much taller "my kids" are when the end of August rolls around.

Now, off to fifth grade...

They're ready.

Sincerely, Miss Lucy

Monday, May 1, 2017

Upcoming Dates

With the end of the year quickly approaching,  many important dates (all at once!) are starting to fill the schedule. I will continue to send home notices on these dates, as well as post through Dojo, but I'll use our blog as another resource to remind you of those dates!

May 25th - Leonard Mills Field Trip
June 9th - Belfast City Park Field Trip
June 14th - Tentative Field Day
June 15th - Last Day

*Also to add to the schedule will be the end of the year concert*

Many exciting end of the year events coming up! We can't wait to share them with you!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fact Fluency

Multiplication and division fluency are HUGE. They are the foundation for most all other skills in fourth grade and beyond. Having these basic facts down makes life so much easier come math time. We practice our math facts every single day, but I know some parents are looking to do some of this at home too! I would love the support of practicing math facts at home as well, so I figured I'd just share with everyone in case!

If your child needs additional practice, or you're just looking for an educational game to play at home together here are a few ideas:

*Using a pack of flashcards, write KABOOM! on a few of the cards and SHAKALAKA on a couple. Put the cards in a pile in the middle. Players turn over the card, read aloud the problem, and solve the answer. If the player gets the answer correctly, he/she gets to keep the card. Players take turns. IF the card reads: KABOOM. The player must put back ALL his/her cards. If the card reads: SHAKALAKA the player gets to take ALL of the other player's cards! At the end, (you can set a timer), the person with the most cards wins!

*At the dollar store they have mini Jengas. You can write multiplication or division problems on each Jenga piece and play Jenga as normal, but solving the problem, as you pull the piece.

Connect 4!
*At the dollar store they have mini Connect 4 games. You can turn over a flashcard, and if you solve the problem correctly, put in your Connect 4 piece and play the game as regularly played otherwise.

15 in a Row!

Play the classic squares game we played as kids, but in order to draw a line on a square, students must solve a problem from a flashcard.

Multiplication War
Use a deck of cards to play the classic War card game, but while multiplying the turned over cards together, looking for who has the greater product.

If you're looking for more ideas, let me know privately, because I've got PLENTY! :-)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Camp Day - "The Sequel!"

March 8, 2017

Dear Parents,

Our last camp day must have been a huge hit, because the kids voted, and majority rules! Our reward for reaching 7,000 total dojo points will be Camp Day - “The sequel!”.

March seems to be a very busy month, so I looked at the schedule to find a day that the kids would fully be able to enjoy all the perks of a special reward. Thursday, March 23rd we will celebrate our second camp day.

Students may wear pajamas and bring one blanket to design forts with. Students may also bring a flashlight if they would like. The school nurse asks that any blankets brought to the classroom be washed directly before, as well as after.

I am looking forward to another adventure together and making lasting memories in room 105!

Thanks for the help,
Miss Lucy

Friday, March 3, 2017

PTG Spring Fair

For the PTG Spring Fair, our class will be collecting items that are themed, "Backyard Fun". We would appreciate any and all donations to this event, to support our PTG! Donations must be at school by March 17th. Thank you for your participation and support!